Wickliff Auctioneers is now offering our experience, expertise and exceptional marketing to sellers requiring Estate Sale services.

Different from the traditional tag sale, Wickliff Auctioneers uses internet bidding to maximize the audience for estate sellers, creating a larger buyer base than any traditional tag sale. In addition, the company’s years of experience in the sale of finer art, jewelry, antiques and high quality decorator furnishings, means that high-value items will be accurately identified and described in our online catalogue. In addition, Wickliff president Darin Lawson’s past experience includes complete estate dispersals, another benefit to our sellers. Darin’s experience with a variety of items (even things in the garage!) means that items of value can be accurately promoted.


Since Wickliff Auctioneers uses an online-only auction method to liquidate estate properties, there’s no guessing about what an item might be worth. In the traditional tag-sale method, the contracted estate sale representative is assigned the task of placing an ‘asking’ price on all items. Was it priced too high- did the price discourage potential buyers? Was it priced too low- was money left on the table? Using our large database, as well as third party promotional sites like hibid.com, estatesales.net and auctionzip.com, we can bring real buyers to the table, and selling prices will reflect current market conditions. Also, over 90% of items will sell, meaning there’s not a large group of unsold items to deal with, post-sale.


If the sale cannot be conducted at the estate property, items can be moved to our warehouse/gallery in Carmel, and the same method can be employed. The only additional expense is moving; we contract with professional movers on behalf of our clients and deduct the cost from seller proceeds at settlement.

Some items in estates may benefit from inclusion in one of auctions at our property. Often, fine jewelry, coins, high-value fine art and firearms may be relocated to our gallery for security purposes and offered in one of our in-house Online-Only auctions or one of our Gallery Auctions. This opportunity is yet another Estate Sale benefit to our clients.


Usually, we promote our online-only Estate Sales on the site for 10 to 14 days. After the sale closes, a day or two after will be dedicated to customer pick-up. The cataloguing process timing can vary, depending on the amount of items to be inventoried. Most homes can be catalogued, photographed and inventoried in 2 or 3 days (or less). Depending on our calendar, the majority of Estate Sales can be completed, beginning to end, in less than 30 days.

Due to our extensive preparation and marketing plan, a minimum anticipated total of gross proceeds is required for our Estate Sale services. Our minimum can be lowered when the sale is combined with the real estate being sold by us. Give us a call for a no-obligation consultation.


It’s no secret…we can sell real estate! Darin Lawson has been a real estate broker in the state of Indiana since 1991, and has utilized the auction method of marketing for over two decades in the sale of residential, commercial and farm properties.

The truth about real estate auctions is that they’re not all distress sales. Yes, there are foreclosure auctions and government auctions of real estate where the buyers can’t access the property, must pay for the purchase day of sale, etc., but not all auctions are like that. Many auction companies, like ours, are providing all of the same services as a traditional listing agent, BUT by using the powerful auction method we create a bidding frenzy, under the SELLER’s terms.

We are pleased to offer real estate service in our Estate Sales, and the benefits to the sellers are many:

  1. Simultaneous personal property/real estate marketing brings more awareness to the property
  2. Darin’s membership in MIBOR means your real estate gets listed in the MLS, and we offer cooperation with any Realtor member who brings a buyer to the auction
  3. The seller sets the terms and picks the date (not the other way around…)
  4. The property is open for bidding for up to 30 days, and is made available to potential buyers through scheduled open houses, just like any other listing
  5. The auction method is a guaranteed offer!
  6. List to close time is defined by the seller, not the buyer (usually 60 days or less, list to closing)
  7. Seller can sell the property ‘as-is’, not subject to inspections, repairs or financing (but, we do disclose all known defects and present the property with honesty and integrity, working with buyers and agents to make bidders comfortable placing their bids)
  8. We use the Buyers Premium as commission. The seller will receive the bid amount, usually minus prorated real estate taxes, and a few traditional seller closing expenses (often less than $500). Buyers Premium proceeds also compensate any cooperating buyer’s agent, and covers some typical seller closing fees (i.e.- owner’s title insurance)
  9. Properties can sell A) to the highest bidder, or B) the seller can choose to accept the final bid (different from a ‘reserve’, which isn’t necessary or recommended)
  10. As a broker AND auctioneer, Darin can manage the sale from listing to closing. This service has been very beneficial for out-of-state estate representatives, or anyone who needs full service.

The conjoining of the real estate when selling the personal property in an Estate Sale is a proven method of effective dispersal. Don’t have personal property (or not much), but still want to use the auction method for your estate real estate? Contact us for a no-obligation consultation regarding our real estate services.


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