Continuing the commitment to remain Indiana’s Leading Fine Arts Auctioneers, Wickliff Auctioneers is now putting our monthly catalogued auctions on five catalogue sites, via five different platforms. As a result, we register dozens of international bidders every month, and our auction catalogues are viewed tens of thousands of times.

Let’s start with some history, to explain why we do what we do, and how our sellers can benefit. Online bidding for gallery auctions is not new. Multiple providers emerged following eBay’s abandonment from live auctions in 2008. For the first part of that decade, eBay partnered with a small number of independent middlemen including Artfact, icollector and LiveAuctioneers, who in turn worked directly with traditional auction houses to supply merchandise and auctioneers for eBay Live Auctions. eBay also allowed companies such as GoAntiques to run ‘virtual’ auctions composed of their clients’ items with no real-life auctions associated with them.

eBay has again entered the live auction world, establishing a relationship with Sotheby’s as a key element of the commitment to the platform. Some have speculated that eBay’s spin-off of Paypal necessitated a search for other revenue platforms, opening the door for other streams of income.

During eBay’s hiatus from the traditional auction marketplace, business models changed for the companies who formerly provided data and relationships to feed eBay’s model. Now, those companies have established their own platforms, conduct their own marketing, and essentially provide the same service as eBay for traditional auctioneers.

So there’s some history about live auction platforms. At the time of this writing, there is no evidence to support a consistently higher sell-through percentage, with bidder confidence, from one platform to the next. It’s like saying which ice cream flavor is the best. What we do know is that each provider has garnered a different market, or, a different set of buyers who seek certain things.

For example, a recognized leader in the sale of firearms is They have established a large marketplace for reaching buyers of that material. Wickliff Auctioneers utilizes Proxibid for all our firearms auctions. Proxibid, however, does not have a great marketplace for fine art and fine jewelry. Hence, we don’t use them for our monthly, catalogued antique, art and jewelry auctions. We have chosen to utilize:

Each of these platforms provides a different and distinct avenue for reaching new and more bidders:

bidsquareBidsquare auctioneers are real auctioneers and auction houses, having been vetted by Bidsquare staff, meeting a criteria of longevity and reliability in the auction business. This company was formed by a partnership of leading auction professionals, and the site does not offer service to anyone who is not really an auctioneer. We offer real-time bidding on Bidsquare.

Live Auctioneers is, arguably, one of the largest online auction service providers in the world. We offer real-time bidding on Live Auctioneers.

thesaleroom_smallThe Saleroom is a UK-based platform that reaches, primarily, a European audience. We post our entire catalogue to The Saleroom, and bidding is enabled via Bidsquare. has become, over the last decade, a giant in online auction marketing for traditional auction houses of all sizes, all over the United States. Our entire catalogue and images are posted to every month. is our company’s catalogue site, offering pre-auction absentee bidding and unlimited photos of each item

In summary, that’s five separate sites, all with distinctively different market reach, where our entire text and photo catalogue are posted, for worldwide bidding and exposure. This is all in addition to our monthly commitment to site SEO, targeted postcard mailing, targeted email marketing, social media, bidder vetting, individual phone calls to specific buyers, and other forms of marketing we utilize every month.

Why trust your quality fine art, decorative arts, fine jewelry, Oriental rugs, bronzes, art glass or special collections anywhere else?