ICANchairUpdated March 18th- ICAN handlers and dogs will be here for a “meet and greet” from 10:30 to noon on auction day, March 19th!

Wickliff Auctioneers is pleased to continue to support ICAN, the Indiana Canine Assistance Network. Our knowledge of the good work being done through ICAN was reinforced when we were able to attend their “Graduation” ceremony at the Indiana Women’s Prison last summer, where the assistance animals are handed over to their new owners by the inmate trainers. It is an incredibly moving event, and illustrates how many lives are changed, through this process with a dog. A percentage of proceeds from our March auction will be donated to ICAN.

From ICAN’s web site:

ICAN is the only service dog organization in Indiana that is accredited by Assistance Dogs International (ADI). ICAN is all about unleashing abilities and changing lives on both ends of the leash and is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

ICAN dogs are placed into relationships with children and adults who have physical and developmental disabilities. Our dogs are trained specifically to serve our clients’ needs in their every day lives. We also place dogs into special needs facilities throughout Indiana.

Handler Success Stories-Jason & Layla

ICAN helped me “man up.” What I thought a man was, was a twisted and tainted view from years of criminal mind set and alcohol and drug addiction which in turn fueled my in and out of lock up lifestyle since a youth. Being physically, emotionally, and mentally abused as a youngster confused me and distorted my ability to love and be loved correctly. In the process I lacked in the area of communication and expression to others and myself. These behaviors went from the home to the streets. Thus began years of pain and disregard for many people including myself.

To read more about Jason’s tranformation, click here.


icanLearn more about ICAN- www.icandog.org

To Donate to ICAN- click here

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