DECEMBER 13, 2017- Due to an increase in fraudulent bidder registrations using a variety of online platforms (and doing so with an unprecedented level of skillful deceit), Wickliff Auctioneers has now instituted the following policy, which is now amended to our terms on all bidding platforms:

AS OF JANUARY, 2018, Wickliff Auctioneers will no longer accept credit card payments for any jewelry, gold, bullion or coins/money. All online purchasers of these items must pay by cash or wire transfer, or check drawn on US Bank (checks of any kind will require a 10-day hold prior to release of merchandise) unless the bidder is well known by the auction house, which is at our discretion.

We regret that this policy must be initiated, but losses of this type are becoming more common. While this policy may be less convenient for some of our bidders, bonafide bidders will understand.

We spend countless hours (day and night, often, for Angie, who is our best bidder researcher) the week prior to an auction vetting nearly every bidder who registers to bid on either our site ( or one of the other live bidding sites we utilize. This extensive internet marketing makes our auction items available to a broad audience, regularly attracting international bidders. However, thieves have gotten very clever about disguising identities with actual persons, using stolen credit cards. Auction houses that sell high quality items, such as ours, have become a large target for these scum, and we’re all having to institute policies such as these, in an effort to mitigate our losses. Christie’s auction house, for example, does not accept ANY credit cards; all purchases are cash, check or wire transfer, regardless of the property type or amount of sale.

We’ve not had to go that far…yet.


Thank you,

Darin Lawson, President

Wickliff Auctioneers