Online Estate Sales

Wickliff Auctioneers offers online estate sales services, utilizing the online auction method to expand the market for your estate. Our decades of experience in evaluating quality antiques, combined with our knowledge of current market trends and use of alternative media to connect to buyers, means that our process is going to put your estate items in front of a larger audience than any other provider in our market. By using online-only bidding with public inspection times, we expand the reach while achieving market value on items.

Our process typically takes about 30 days, from contract to closing. We first consult with the client to determine if our service is appropriate for the property to be sold, we listen to our clients, and seek to learn their needs and motivations for engaging our Online Estate Sale service.


After contracting with Wickliff Auctioneers, our experienced staff will come to the home to begin the inventory and photography process. Once the inventory is complete, we continue to research specialty items, confirm accurate descriptions, and ensure that photos properly illustrate the item to be sold.

We then upload the catalogue to the appropriate bidding platform, often for estate sales, and the bidding begins! Catalogues are open for bidding for two weeks, ending with a ‘soft close’ (items with last-second bids can remain open for additional time) on a designated day, at a designated time. Bidders can bid ‘live’ online during the soft close. A few days prior to the closing, we will host a public preview in the home, so prospective bidders can actually view the items in person, and ask questions of our staff, regarding removal, bidding, etc.

Removal is the responsibility of the winning bidder, and we designate a specific day and time for removal of items, usually 48 hours after the auction closes. Our staff, along with contracted moving labor, manages the load-out, ensuring safe removal of items.

Within a few days after load-out, the seller receives their net proceeds of the sale!

While this service is broad in determining what items can or should be sold, we recommend removal of personal items, clothing, hazardous chemicals, etc.,  prior to the inventory process. In addition, items that are going to be retained by heirs or assigns should be removed prior to the inventory process, as well.

Contact us to find out if our estate sales services can work for you!