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Wickliff Auctioneers has over 30 years of experience serving our clients, who have included estate representatives, attorneys, corporations, and anyone having quality items to sell for a variety of reasons.


Our experience and product expertise is a winning combination that results in a level of service that is more communicative and tailored to fit our clients’ needs.

Selling with Wickliff Auctioneers is easy! We’ll first conduct a review of the items for consideration, which can be done via email or in person for estates and large collections. 


Then, we’ll determine if our available services are a good fit for the property to be sold, whether personal or real property. If needed, we can provide auction estimates of value for high-value items. We usually do not conduct written appraisals, but can do so for single items of significance. If a formal written appraisal is needed for estate purposes, distribution of assets or insurance, we can refer our clients to a trusted appraiser in the area with experience in the subject property.


Our commission structure varies by the type of auction. We use a graduated commission scale (percentage decreases on higher-value items), and a flat rate for our estate sales and real estate.


We provide a generalized receipt when we execute the selling agreement, then a detailed inventory will be provided to the seller via email when the items are posted for auction. Once items are in our possession, they are covered by our blanket insurance policy, however, we recommend that any item that has been identified on a specific insurance rider remain on that policy until sold. Typically, our deadline for submission of items for a scheduled online auction event is approximately 30 days prior.


Once the auction is posted online, sellers can follow the activity and bidding on our bidding sites.

Following the event, a preliminary, detailed sale report will be sent via email, usually within about 48 hours. Within approximately 2 weeks, we will mail net proceeds checks, with a summary report. 

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