In a meeting earlier today, I heard a comment from someone that said “if it ain’t broke, break it”, inferring that a person who continues in the same path, when opportunities exist for change that might be fruitful, that person could be missing opportunities for growth. That statement contrasts the other, more familiar “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Certainly, there is a happy medium between change solely for the sake of change, and refusal to adjust one’s thinking about the future, based on antiquated methods.

Wickliff Auctioneers has existed for over 20 years using Honesty, Integrity and Quality as our guiding principles, and within that guidance, a willingness to explore marketing and sale possibilities that would benefit both buyers and sellers, taking advantage of buying trends, available markets and media to achieve the highest and best results. We continue that tradition, with willingness to “break it”, and at the same time, having a vision of what doesn’t need “fixing”.

We are pleased to announce our first “House Sale”, which will debut on Saturday, February 11, at 11 a.m. This auction will consist of good, and a bit better than good, quality furnishings and accessories that have less appeal to an international marketplace, which suffers from logistics costs when buying furniture at online auctions, but does have utility and appeal to buyers in our local demographic. The House Sale will offer items that are often purchased at mid-level, retail furniture stores that are in good condition and represent an excellent value for our buyer clientele. Similar discernment will be applied to selecting only those items that meet a criterion of quality and usability for our clients. These auctions will offer extended preview times, a offer of discount for moving services from our strategic moving partner, and no online bidding competition. Bidders may leave absentee bids, however, during any of our three (yes, three!) preview times. Come join us for this debut session, and bring a friend!

Our website has just been “freshened”, and we are pleased to report that the results are more than satisfactory. Our site now features a news feed from Auction Central News, an affiliate of our live bidding partner, Live Auctioneers, and easier-to-navigate pages and content. Additionally, the new site is smartphone-friendly, offering an adjusted site to those users who access our web page using mobile devices.

Wickliff Auctioneers will be announcing a new, ancillary service this March. Details are forthcoming, so watch your mailboxes and email for updates. It’s a secret for now…don’t ask.

We are extremely thankful for the continued support of our clients and customers, and for the stability and growth that our company has experienced during the current economic challenges. We appreciate your trust and confidence, and will continue to operate with the same diligence and expertise which has resulted in a much-appreciated reputation that we cherish and seek to maintain.

To a blessed 2012,